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Our Story

The dream of this shop began when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was looking online for something encouraging to carry with me through my treatment.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find anything that was both encouraging and beautiful in a way that resonated with my soul.

(Call me crazy, but "F*** cancer" and "Kick cancer's a**" were just not very comforting.)

So I decided I would start a shop that provides meaningful messages on everyday, giftable items that can be seen often and continually uplift someone suffering through trials and needing an anchor of hope and peace, as well as ones that are just for fun and joy because, hey, those are incredibly healing too.

Right now, our newborn baby girl is in the NICU, and I’m preparing for a second go at treatment after finding that the cancer returned, so this shop is both a creative outlet and a way to help our family cover the medical bills that are being accrued. We are so grateful for your support! You can take $5 off your order with the code THANKYOU!

New products and designs will be launching weekly while we raise funds, so be sure to come visit every Friday and see what’s in store!

Thanks for checking us out! I hope you find some treasures you love that bless you and the loved ones in your life, and that stir your spirit up with hope and joy!


Grace and peace,



P.S: Don't forget your discount code! Take $5 off at checkout with the code THANKYOU. :)